Selecting a Suitable Trademark for a Business

Selecting a Suitable Trademark for a Business

There are many points to consider when selecting a trademark for your business. It isn’t always easy to create or select one; however, when you do so, you have to ensure that you choose one which provides the most positive effects for your business. A well-chosen, suitable trademark can make all the difference between success and failure in the business world.

Here are some of our suggestions about how to select a suitable trademark for your business:


A good trademark is one which clearly stands out among the pack. Trademarks which are truly unique and distinctive draw customers towards the brand and improve its commercialization capabilities. Furthermore, highly distinctive trademarks provide another key advantage: according to Malaysia’s intellectual property laws, they are much easier to legally protect than are less distinctive ones.

In general, the most distinctive trademarks are coined, arbitrary, or suggestive trademarks. Coined trademarks are self-derived terms without an established existing meaning. Arbitrary trademarks are terms which already exist but are unrelated to the product or service of your business. Suggestive trademarks imply the benefits of your business but do not outright state them. Trademarks in all three categories tend to have very distinctive characters.


When choosing a trademark, you ought to select one which provides clarity for customers. Your potential customers should not run the risk of confusing your trademark with that of a different brand. Certainly, you won’t want them to patronize a different company or even a direct competitor of yours when it was you for whom they were searching!

Not only that – in most countries, trademarks which would be too close to an existing one cannot be registered. This way, any ethical breaches committed by misleading or deceiving customers can be avoided. Thus, a clear and individualized trademark which doesn’t confuse anyone will spare you from legal issues because you will not have violated anyone else’s intellectual property rights.


Complete Words

It’s important that your trademark be one which contains only complete words. Although there are no laws forbidding it, we advise you against using acronyms or numbers as part of your potential trademark. This is because of the way the human brain works. Acronyms and numbers tend to be more difficult to mentally process when compared to complete words.

In addition, there are only a limited number of acronym and number permutations available. It is certainly possible that the idea you have in mind for your trademark might already have been claimed. So, why not spare yourself this issue AND come up with an excellent trademark? You can by using complete words!

Mass Appeal

Of course, we have to mention the most important element of a suitable trademark which will win over customer upon customer: mass appeal. Even if you’ve fulfilled all the other criteria, you won’t get the customers you want with an unappealing trademark. But just how do you create a trademark with mass appeal?

By testing it with potential customers, of course. Run sample ads on social media and check analytic figures, make landing pages for each potential trademark for your brand, maybe even hire a trademark agent in Malaysia to help you create a variety of trademark logos – all will give your trademark appeal to the public.

All you have to do now is keep these principles in mind as you select your trademark. We’re confident that if you apply them, your trademark will be not just suitable, but truly spectacular. Get the trademark of your dreams and let people flock to your business today!

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