Reasons Why a Business Should Seek Trademark Registration

Reasons Why a Business Should Seek Trademark Registration

A trademark can be defined as a sign which may be graphically represented and serves to distinguish goods, services, or products of a business or other entity from those of other businesses or entities. Trademarks allow customers to identify the specific source of the products being provided. Licensing and franchising of a trademark is also possible. This is because trademarks are important business assets. Trademarks also assist with commercialization. This is because many customers will purchase specific products linked to a particular brand and its trademark.

Business owners in Malaysia can take heart in the fact that the process of how to register a trademark in Malaysia is by no means a difficult one. There are various reasons why the owner of a business based in Malaysia (or anywhere else, for that matter) should seek trademark registration. Though it may be a task which is easy to overlook, trademark registration will bestow any entrepreneur with a bevy of positive outcomes.

Exclusive Rights

A business which has a registered trademark can make use of the exclusive rights to use that trademark for business purposes. Only that business alone has the authority to use that trademark to market its goods or services. In addition, the owner of a business with a registered trademark is permitted to take legal action against any act of infringement. In Malaysia, such legal action is to be assessed by the Trade Mark Law. It is also possible to either take civil action or lodge one or more complaints to the Enforcement Division so that appropriate actions will be taken. Malaysia’s intellectual property law which governs this is the Trade Description Act 1972.

Certificate of Registration

The certificate of registration, issued upon the completion of trademark registration, serves as an important form of legal evidence. This is because the certificate proves the business owner’s ownership of the trademark. The registration certificate is issued by the Registrar Office. Should a business owner be interested in exporting products abroad, this certificate establishes the business owner’s ownership of the goods which are exported. This is one reason why a registered trademark assists with commercialization; for those who plan to place their products in overseas markets, the certificate that comes with the registered trademark is a highly beneficial tool.


Statement of Unique Identity

A registered trademark sends messages about a brand to customers. Just one look at a trademark can create a first impression which will undoubtedly be one of the most effective ways to show the world some of the brand’s unique characteristics. The more memorable and outstanding the trademark, the stronger the impression which will be left in customers’ minds.

An excellent trademark which leaves a powerful impression does not have to be a word. Images or designs, even if no words are present within them, can be used to make a business recognized everywhere, overcoming the limits of language or location.

Social Media Presence

When current or future customers take to social media to search for a brand, they will often use the trademark as a way to obtain more information about it. Thus, a registered trademark which has been wisely chosen will do much to help the business increase its presence on social media and thus receive more traffic. The more traffic it receives, the greater the level of brand recognition which will be obtained. Once a business has a high level of recognition among the general public, it will be much easier for the business to increase the commercialization of its products.

Although trademark registration can be time-consuming or somewhat confusing for some, the pros of trademark registration for any business overwhelmingly outweigh the cons. Once you have a registered trademark, the business world will definitely open up for you. For this reason, if you own a Malaysia-based business, it would be in your best interest to complete the trademark application process in Malaysia as soon as possible. We guarantee that you won’t regret that decision.

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