How and Why Trademark Lawyers and Marketers Work Together

How and Why Trademark Lawyers and Marketers Work Together

A trademark lawyer, also known as a trademark attorney or trademark agent, is a person who is legally qualified and permitted to act in any matter regarding a specific area of intellectual property: trademark law and practice. As is implied by their job title, trademark lawyers specialize in issues  related to trademarks, which are important forms of intellectual property. To further discuss important commercial matters related to intellectual property, trademark lawyers often work with marketers. When they work together, they can create a powerful and impactful brand that provides a client with financial and non-financial benefits alike.

Understanding of Trademark Lawyers’ and Marketers’ Tasks

As trademark lawyers and marketers collaborate on projects, they must fully understand the respective tasks related to the intellectual property in question which they are to complete. Trademark lawyers are to use their knowledge of intellectual property to review and analyze all information related to trademarks. Marketers, meanwhile, are to determine how to best communicate the standout elements of services or products to customers. When trademark lawyers and marketers adhere to their duties and perform trademark services for any client to the best of their abilities, the value of a client’s brand will be greatly enhanced.

Brainstorming Sessions

One important way in which trademark lawyers and marketers cooperate is through brainstorming sessions. Through these sessions, a trademark lawyer will be able to conduct and evaluate all preliminary searches. This way, the error of committing to an unsuitable trademark can be avoided. Any potential violations of intellectual property rights, including those which help a person register a trademark in Malaysia or abroad, will also be prevented accordingly. Furthermore, brainstorming sessions involving trademark lawyers and marketers can allow a client’s level of risk tolerance, use and definition of its brand and other types of intellectual property, and protocols and timelines to be properly identified.

Provision of Intangible Economic Value

When marketers work with trademark lawyers to create marketing campaigns for a client’s brand, they aim to provide the brand with an increase in intangible economic value. Intangible economic value is defined as the value of assets owned by a business or company but not disclosed on balance sheets. Intellectual property is a form of intangible economic value; however, it is not the only one. Other examples of intangible economic resources besides intellectual property include relationships with customers, stakeholders, and employees. In certain industries, intangible economic value such as that provided by intellectual property is of greater importance than in others. Nevertheless, intangible economic value does have some level of impact in every industry.

Just as is true of intellectual property, brand recognition is another intangible economic resource. It is the form of intangible value which trademark lawyers and marketers strive to create. Through well-crafted marketing campaigns, brand recognition can be built to the extent that it attracts many new customers. This is because a recognizable and established brand simplifies customers’ decision-making processes by promising them a high degree of quality.

Strengthening of Brand Identity

The brand identity of a business is its public image. The stronger the brand identity, the more memorable a business and its brand will be to customers. Brand identity can be strengthened by a powerful trademark. Such a trademark is also a form of intellectual property which is easy to protect. Of course, before protecting a trademark, this trademark must first be selected; then, registration will be required. Registering for such a trademark is not difficult; any qualified trademark agent can assist a client with doing so.

Trademark lawyers and marketers seek to help clients strengthen their brands’ respective identities through the application of intellectual property rights. The benefits of doing so are twofold. A strong brand identity backed by an equally powerful trademark provides a business owner with exclusive rights to conduct business activities under that brand. Marketing and brand awareness campaigns will also be enhanced by a strong brand identity; thus, trademark lawyers and marketers work to convey the expertise and authority of the brand through their experience in the field of intellectual property.

Any business can receive tremendous benefits through the combined efforts of trademark lawyers and marketers who understand a great deal about intellectual property. Through their work, a trademark and brand that truly stand out will be created and shown to the world. For this reason, trademark lawyers and marketers ought to cooperate to the best of their abilities; when they do so, clients’ business success will increase, leading to greater profit for clients while playing a small role in spurring the national economy.

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