Chinese New Year Special: “In the Spirit of Togetherness”

Chinese New Year Special: “In the Spirit of Togetherness”

Although the latest occurrence of Pandemic COVID-19 almost set us apart, Exy IP was able to seek creative ways to onboard the teams for Chinese New Year gathering. In the spirit of togetherness, this gathering was not just about to create meaningful moment with the colleagues but rather a conscience moves to curb the spread of COVID-19 that may risk the vulnerable group such as the grandparents, back from our hometown and play our part as a responsible Malaysian.

When we came to reminisce the laughter around the dining table while the kids were seen chasing and running echoing the room, in some way, Exy IP’s gathering feels quite equivalent to how CNY used to be celebrated. It was the moment when we figured out our common interests, mutual favourites, enjoying every bite of delicate foods and allows the heart to rejoice in the gathering.

“What is CNY dinner without an auspicious toss of the iconic Yee Sang”. Said Mr Ooi Yeong Boon, Managing Director (MD). “This is how we relive the moment of CNY celebration the way it used to be. The toss will witness the beautiful sequence of memories that we all created tonight.” Few words conjured up were enough to make the teams feel super connected. Moral support might be seen as a small matter, but they give a meaningful sense of appreciation which enables the company to engage with their mind and heart to feel valuable and cherished.

For 2022 CNY, Ruyi and Lyn Bangsar fine dining restaurant was chosen to be the venue which certainly would flood back the memories of one of the best nights to be remembered. Exy IP teams which are incredibly represented by row of diverse race, seem to be overjoyed with delicacy serves of Chinese well-known dishes. Let’s see what they have to say!               

Anisah – “I never thought Exy IP would surprise us again with a second CNY dinner. It was so much fun which I can say our tables have the most vibrant energy!”

Kishan – “This was my first Yee Sang toss which I believe it symbolizes good fortune and wealth so I’m taking the chance along to recite my wishes as I toss it as high as I could.   

Safinah– “Yee Sang is nothing bizarre in Malaysia. I’ve always enjoyed the occasion! Despite the gathering being a bit different now, but CNY feast always find homes in our hearts, where families or friends get together to welcome the new year with hopes of a good future.  

Olivia– “It was truly sad when I could only reunite with my grandparents and my baby nieces through online. Better still, the feast could go on and we all could stay safe. Thank you Exy IP for celebrating us!