#exyipseeyou IP Talk Take You To Encapsulate Your IP Worth

#exyipseeyou IP Talk Take You To Encapsulate Your IP Worth

#exyipseeyou is back! This time around we’re honoured to host an IP Talk as an initiative to leverage our expertise exclusively by the row of experts. In pursuit to support Goals 4 and 9 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which supporting the development of knowledge and foster innovations, #exyipseeyou CSR program seeks to outreach more individuals, industries, academia, and research institutes through an informative sharing session with no fee charged at all.

Over 30 lucky participants took part to discover their business’s hidden Intellectual Property (IP) that’s worth registering and ready to be leveraged as another source of revenue. This initiative aims to deepen their understanding of different types of IP and how to integrate both IP strategy and commercial strategy while adding value to their company’s governance and strategy. Most of the time, people tend to overlook the valuable intangible assets that they may have. With a structured IP strategy, we may help you to encapsulate the hidden value by transforming them into valuable, exclusive assets that can be leveraged to increase your business revenue. Note that an IP does not assure you freedom until you have the right to genuinely own it.

The participants were welcomed with some refreshments and before the session began, they had the chance to directly referred to their respective IP advisors. The first session began with the preview of an IP introduction and the benefit of each type it entails. Our Trademark specialist, Alisa Rajamalar was the first presenter.  And it was pretty obvious that Alisa just did a fantastic job by delivering a compelling presentation as the room was sparked with tons of questions the moment Q&A session began.

The air was already filled with excitement during the second session. This time, we had Mr. Yeong Boon, the Manager Director of Exy IP itself to reveal the key strategic plan in searching for the true value of their IP and how each of them can be leveraged as a source of revenue. Tons of tips and alternatives were shared to help them achieve their goals. To be frank, the Intellectual Property world is always one fraught with difficulties. With an eye on the overarching IP strategy, we can help you to navigate a solid understanding of the current environment and mitigate the involved risks.

It is not the first time for #exyipseeyou to host such an IP Talk. Nevertheless, it always ends with smiling faces. We were pleasantly surprised by the responses as we received more topic suggestions for the upcoming IP Talk and yes, we are planning to do more. If you need our consultancy, we are more than happy to contribute in this CSR Program.

Take the chance to explore the value and relevance of IP in research of the future and many more, by focusing on socio-economic development and the role of IP in technology transfer. Our comprehensive IP Pocket Talk is all about bringing an array of innovative IP solutions for a sustainable future to your business commercialization.

If you would like to discuss options for monetizing or registering your intellectual property, we are here to guide you.