Successful Trademark Registration for Fonsen Logistics !

Registered Proprietor : FONSEN LOGISTICS PTE. LTD.

Application Number 305771863

Class : 39

Filing Date : 14-10-2021

Legal Status Registered

Renewal Date : 13-10-2031

Applicant Address : 18 Howard Road 369585, Singapore

Agent : EXY IP PLT, Lot 2928 & 2929, Jalan PJS 3/1, Bandar Petaling Jaya Selatan Petaling Jaya 46000 Selangor (MY)

We hereby notify you that the above-mentioned Trademark has been granted with
Trademark Registration by the Trade Mark Registry of the Hong Kong Intellectual
Property Department and has now been accorded with statutory protection under the
Trade Marks Ordinance (Chapter 559).

The Registered Proprietor of this Application is given the full and exclusive rights to use
the Trademark in relation to its registered good and/or services. Further details can be
found in the Announcement published on our website.

In the event of any unauthorized exploitation or infringement of any of its Intellectual
Property rights, the Registered proprietor will take immediate action to protect its
proprietary rights including claims for injunction, damages, and cost.