The Heat Is On ! Welcome to Exy’s BBQ Party

The Heat Is On ! Welcome to Exy’s BBQ Party

“If work isn’t fun, you’re playing on the wrong team” – Frank Sonnenberg

While the sky was in a gorgeous shade of blue, last weekend was a great with a BBQ session with the teams and the most exciting part was the invitation extended to families and friends. Imagine the big families with jovial laugh, chilled summer playlist and the aroma curling up from the grill, just a great way to celebrate job well done. Plus, nothing bonds the teams together quite like a good BBQ session.

Jasper, Evelyn, and Wei Xin deserve a big round of applause for hosting the best office BBQ ever but without Fiqa’s expertise in marinating the chicken, we may have missed out the tastiest grilled chicken wings. Imagine the tenderness gives you the juiciest drips from your mouth. Apparently, Ben was the crowd favorite when he unveiled couple of BBQ tips. To deepens its flavor, simply brush the honey while the chicken wings are leisurely bath in the vapor, and it will soften their chewy texture.

As the smoke wafted over the poolside, they anticipated into showing off their grilling skills. While everyone was taking turn, it was basically a teamwork!

Chicken wings was not it all, there were Japanese-style grilled butter Enoki, baked sweet potatoes, toasted marshmallow, soft fish balls, chewy nuggets, cheesy hotdogs, fried rice, fried vermicelli, chicken curry, grilled onions and many more. If previously Exy IP held fun outdoor activities such as badminton, bowling and CSR at the beach, there are a lot more to come. Each month, Exy IP will make a long list of amusing activities come into realization, and we certainly cannot wait what will be the next!