ITC Featured Member

ITC Featured Member

Ooi Yeong Boon, the Managing Director of Exy Intellectual Property Sdn Bhd, is a dedicated professional and a member of the International Trade Council. Yeong Boon is actively involved in the field of intellectual property, specializing in trademark, patent, industrial design, copyright, licensing, franchising, and consultancy services. With a strong foundation in Malaysian Intellectual Property Law, the company focuses on protecting and maximizing the value of clients’ intellectual property assets.

Yeong Boon’s career in the intellectual property industry began with working in an IP firm, and his passion for this field led him to establish Exy Intellectual Property Sdn Bhd. The company serves as a specialist consultancy firm that not only understands the intricacies of intellectual property rights but also recognizes the demands of businesses. They offer a range of services, including patent, trademark, industrial design, copyrights, franchising, licensing, and commercialization, providing comprehensive strategies tailored to clients’ specific needs.

Yeong Boon has successfully worked on various projects and initiatives aimed at educating clients about the importance of intellectual property rights. By optimizing business strategies while saving costs, he has helped numerous clients maximize the value of their intellectual property assets. Exy Intellectual Property Sdn Bhd stands out as one of the youngest large-scale IP firms in Malaysia, a notable accomplishment within the industry.

While the intellectual property industry has seen minimal change since Yeong Boon’s entry, he notes that society is gradually recognizing the significance of intellectual property rights. However, the industry faces challenges from non-registered practitioners and one-man firms that offer lower rates and mediocre services, posing a threat to established IP firms.

Yeong Boon foresees continued growth in the industry, particularly with advancements in automation and artificial intelligence (AI). He is excited to see how these technologies will shape the field and is committed to embracing them in his own practice.

For those starting in the industry, Yeong Boon emphasizes the importance of viewing other IP firms as peers rather than competitors, promoting a collaborative environment of mutual learning. In the face of setbacks and challenges, his approach is to remain resilient, rise above adversity, and emerge stronger.

Yeong Boon finds inspiration in God, who teaches perseverance and the value of building others up without expecting anything in return. This serves as a guiding principle in both his professional and personal life.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Yeong Boon enjoys traveling and savoring a good cup of coffee.

Ooi Yeong Boon’s commitment to intellectual property rights, business optimization, and industry collaboration makes him a valuable member of the International Trade Council. Through Exy Intellectual Property Sdn Bhd, he contributes to international trade by protecting clients’ intellectual property assets and promoting the importance of intellectual property rights in Malaysia and beyond.

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